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With nearly two decades of legal, judicial and regulatory enforcement experience, Jesudevan is an internationally sought-after thought leader in compliance and risk management, export controls, and financial crimes. Before founding TradeKins, he was a criminal prosecutor and Deputy Senior State Counsel in the specialist financial crimes team of the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) in Singapore. There, he led the prosecution of a range of financial crimes and was responsible for advising the government on a variety of legal matters.

Regularly representing AGC at high-level meetings and conferences with its foreign counterparts, Jesudevan also chaired AGC’s Innovation Network, which was tasked with creating a culture of innovation.

Jesudevan's expertise extends far beyond his role at the AGC. He has collaborated with key agencies such as the Singapore Commercial Affairs Department, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore to investigate and address legal issues that range from complex fraud and Companies Act violations to corruption and money laundering.

Jesudevan is a recognized specialist in the area of export controls and UN sanctions, with a special focus on Iran and the DPRK. He has provided valuable advice and guidance to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Trade & Industry, Singapore Customs, and Maritime Port Authority, on the appropriate responses to enforce and prevent violations of Singapore’s international obligations. He has also closely worked with numerous foreign regulators in and around the region on a range of matters including strategic trade controls.

Prior to serving as a District Judge, Jesudevan was also in one of Singapore’s largest law firms, specializing in complex dispute resolution and arbitration. He has represented a major oil and gas company, a major US aviation insurer, the world’s largest chemical company, and the world’s leading concrete suppliers in several actions (both litigation and arbitration proceedings) relating to the sale and supply of sand.

Jesu has presented at numerous international conferences and seminars. Recently, he was recognized as an expert by the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) and serves as Singapore’s representative to the EU P2P’s working group in connection to a global publication on dual-use goods trade controls.

He is also an Adjunct Professor at the National University of Singapore and a lecturer at Singapore Management University. He teaches two courses which he personally designed, namely 'Compliance and Risk Management' and 'International Anti-Corruption Law & Practice'.

A Fulbright Scholar, Jesudevan holds a Master of Laws (focusing on compliance and risk management) from New York University. He was admitted to the Singapore Bar in 2005.  In August 2023, Jesu assumed the role of President of the Centre for Trade Excellence, Singapore; a global non-profit focused on promoting awareness of compliance requirements and standards in export controls.

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